Tekron's Support is Changing

Tekron's Support is Changing

Posted on 06/05/2019 by Alex Lippitt

Tekron is moving its support platform to Zendesk, a platform which will improve our ability to provide support and improve your visibility of the process.


This means a support portal which will allow you to raise support requests, view your cases and add comments to the cases. This portal will also act as a knowledge base in which you can access troubleshooting advice, how to guides, software tools, and upgrades. If there is a piece of knowledge you feel needs to be available on this new portal, please let us know.


When you raise a request with us, you can select the type of request you would like to make.

We have split the request into 4 categories:

Hardware Incident
• Use this form if you believe you have a hardware fault and would like to start our RMA process.

Software Incident
• Use this form if you are having difficulty with our software tools, for example, our configuration tool.

Firmware Incident
• Use this form if you have questions around the operation of the clocks

General Enquiry
• Use this form if you have questions about timing, protocols or other topics which aren’t covered in our brand-new knowledge portal.


When you raise a request, you will be prompted with a form. Each form has a list of questions to prompt you for more information. Completing these questions will help bring us up to speed with your enquiry and give us the information we need to provide the best help

Once you have raised a request, you will be provided a case number via email, and you can use this as a reference. When we respond to your case, you will get an email with our comments and you can see it in the portal. You can either log into the portal to add to your comments or reply back to the email.

Behind the scenes we will still be operating in the same manner and continue our dedication to providing you the technical support you need.


Check out the support platform here: https://support.tekron.com




Tekron's Support is Changing