NTP Strata

NTP Strata

Posted on 07/10/2019

When using Network Time Protocol (NTP), a common term is "Strata". 


Strata or Stratum are terms used to describe the distance a particular device is from a time source. The further away it is, the less accurate its time sync will be. 


Strata levels from 0-15 can be used for NTP time synchronisation.


  • Stratum 0 describes a time source like an internal atomic clock or GNSS signal.

  • Stratum 1 is a device directly synced to the source, outputting an NTP signal to a stratum 2 device. Tekron clocks are stratum 1 devices.

  • Stratum 2 is a device connected to a Stratum 1 device, Stratum 3 is connected to a Stratum 2 device, and so on.


Tekron clocks can be used as NTP servers, however for real precision and security we recommend PTP (Precision Time Protocol). See here for more on PTP.


NTP Strata