InterOp Testing in Europe

InterOp Testing in Europe

Posted on 04/07/2017

At Tekron we're confident in our equipment's ability to work with a variety of hardware from different vendors - after all that's what we design it to do. So it's great to see that independently verified.

Thanks to the Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC) in Glasgow, Scotland, our TSC100 has undergone some formal interoperability testing.



Test Engineer Hao Guo with the TSC100 and relay crucible


Tested equipment:



Siemens 7SD522 relay

Alstom MiCOM P545 relay

GE L90 relay




PTP (from TSC100) for RTDS

DC IRIG-B over BNC (from TSC100) for GE L90 relay

DC IRIG-B over fibre (from RTDS) for Siemens 7SD522 relay

1-PPS over fibre (from RTDS) for Alstom MiCOM P545 relay




All devices were successfully synchronized. No surprises!

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InterOp Testing in Europe