GPS Week Number Rollover Information

GPS Week Number Rollover Information

Posted on 21/03/2019

All Tekron Clocks will change correctly for the 2019 GPS week rollover.


No action is required on the part of our customers. The rollover will occur on Saturday the 6th of April 2019 UTC.


Tekron clocks are not affected by this rollover event regardless of firmware. As a standard precaution, we recently performed tests and found that our clocks performed normally during the event.


Customers should note that the Tekron firmware versions actually have no effect on what will happen with GPS week rollover. Rather, the GPS receiver hardware/firmware dictates what will occur upon GPS week rollover. We have been working with our receiver supplier who has confirmed that there will be no issue on this date. Our test results corroborate this.


Please see below for technical details:





GPS Week Number Rollover Information