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Posted on 26/10/2010

Tekron International, a leading developer of precision timing products, today released the TCG 02-E, the latest of Tekron’s clocks to include IEEE 1588 (PTP) v2 functionality. PTP is the new high precision time synchronization protocol for networked measurement and control systems.IEEE 1588 PTP v2 offers significant advances over current time protocols, including removing the need for dedicated wiring, providing a higher level of redundancy and giving increased accuracy. As the TCG 02-E also supports current time protocols such as IRIG-B and NTP, it is the ideal bridge timing product for organisations migrating towards IEEE 1588 PTP v2.“The TCG 02-E is the second IEEE 1588 PTP v2 clock that we have released” said Brian Smellie, Tekron’s Director of Technology.

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