Tekron Labs

  • NTS 03-G easy configuration
    I was surprised at how easy it was to configure...there was a high level of knowledge whenever we talked to somebody which led to a high level of confidence … it was easy to get a good level of detail without going through a bunch of steps

    John Geer - Network Engineer, City of Tacoma Wastewater

  • Long Term Support
    We recently had great service from Tekron support on a 15+ year old GPS clock. Even though it was such an old clock and required searching of old archives of product documentation, Tekron support found us the information we needed to get our unit configured and online again in a short timeframe. Great support and long term commitment to customers!

    -Power Engineer

  • NTS100 in Maritime Safety
    Our critical maritime surveillance systems need a good NTP server for time synchronization: the NTS100 suits our needs since it is reliable and easy to set up

    Jean-Noe, Head of System Integration and Validation At SIGNALIS

  • Responsive Customer Service
    A pity when we do need to contact you for support and technical assistance but such a delight to talk to a friendly, responsive bunch who solve our issue every time.

    Senior Engineer, Transgrid, Australia

  • Successful IRIG-B Analyzer Testing
    I wanted to let the Tekron team know that the testing of the IRIG-B Analyzer this week was an outstanding success. I made a trip around some of our facilities this week and visited about ten substations. At several of these sites, we used the device to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct long running sync problems like we have never been able to do previously.

    Senior Engineer, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), USA

  • Flawless IRIG-B Analyzer Operation
    We, at the testing group, are currently playing around with the Tekron IRIG-B Analyzer that you guys sent us. In terms of its operation it seems to work flawlessly and is the tool that we have always needed for fixing time synchronization problems.

    Senior Engineer, North American Utility