It's the late nineties.


Our first clock was made in a spare room as a revolutionary design - the most cost-effective atomic accuracy clock available. Customers from NZ and overseas started lining up. 


Based on this success, Tekron International Ltd was formally founded in 2002 in Wellington, New Zealand.


Many of those TCG01 units remain in service to this day in many of the largest power and utility companies worldwide. We've also evolved into more than just the power sector. Tekron clocks are now used in everything from feature film data security and editing to oceangoing research vessels, sports television and spacecraft development. You'll even spot Tekron clocks in autonomous vehicles.


You can find Tekron products in over 90 countries and growing, including Antarctica.


How? It's all about the team. We've gathered a unique and varied set of skills across many disciplines to become the real experts in timing, working both internally and with partners to stay at the leading edge. These days our team of experts make GPS and GLONASS Satellite Clocks, Rubidium Atomic Clocks (including Miniature Atomic Clocks-MACs) and Stratum 1 Network Time Server solutions supporting NTP, PTP, (61850), IRIG-B, 1pps, PRP and many other standards. Anywhere that precision time is required, we can help. And we're not stopping there. Through Tekron Labs we work with our customers and the industry to keep on innovating, solving problems and creating value.



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